Women Keto intermittent fasting and weight lifting


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Following the ketogenic diet and started last weekend with IF (intermittent fasting) between 18 - 21hrs and eating between 3-6hrs. Is anyone else following keto diet here?

Next to cardio workout I began with a beginner's back routine but it is being said to have better results with a weight lift routine any recommendations?


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I also have been doing Keto for about 7 months and have been doing IF for about the last month. Mainly for fat loss and it's been incredible. I'm new to this and now have started to work on gaining muscle quality. My wife also does Keto and IF and it's working great for her as well. Good luck to you and keep us posted on your gains!!


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Keto is amazing, stick to it. Heavy Lifting is great for weight loss, but during the initial start of eating Ketogenic you may notice an energy and lifts dip, which will slowly come back. Lots of great resources out there, good luck!