Lifting barefoot


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As in like, soles of his bare feet on the floor? That's gross.

There's a guy at mine who lifts in socks. It's strange but it doesn't bother me.


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Disgusting for hygiene reasons and the fact that I like my toes more than that. Same with those little vibram five fingers. You drop a 45 on those you will literally amputate your toe.


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You have to wear shoes at my gym.

Highly risky not to for 2 reasons. i've never dropped a weight on my feet but when i've placed weights down on the ground they have fallen on my feet and secondly you would be walking on guys spit, sweat and other crap that they could of gotten from walking outside or in the locker room. just like i would never walk barefoot in the gym shower and step on who knows what.

Also i wash my hands thoroughly after the gym using soap and bacterial liquids together.


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Running shoes aren't going to give you any protection from a 45lbs weight.

I hate those five fingers personally, but I understand why some use them.. Same reason I take my shoes off and rock the socks to deadlift and squat. I'm not going to buy specific shoes for deads, and specific shoes for squats... When im tossing up big weights with my giant flat feet anyways, I find I cant beat what god gave me as far as stability.

Worst thing ever is pushing out of the hole in a squat with 500lbs on your back warming up, and realizing I was a retard and left my sneakers on. And almost throwing my back out as my feel wobble and crush the rubber.


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No more nasty than using the equipment that no one sanitizes.

I don't think anyone wipes off the barbells or dumbells.

Guaranteed there's e-coli all over them. Just wash your hands after being at the gym.

Your feet should be OK if they are in shoes of some kind.
As for Vibrams- ka ching! kaching! I think they are no better than any other light flat shoe/sandal, just well marketed.

You could wear a water shoe just as well.


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I lift barefooted, but I workout at home, so I avoid all the hygeine nasties. I am also careful not to drop weights on my feet. I wouldn't go barefoot in a commercial gym, again for hygeine reasons.


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There is a guy at my gym lifting completely barefoot. It's kinda narsty, no?
Or am I the weird one?
I deadlift and squat with just socks on. I keep my shoes off to the side and slip them on when I am changing weights so that I have some sort of protection if I drop a weight.

I'm not sure I fully understand the concern about hygiene. We use dumbbells, barbells, plates, machines that are rarely if ever washed which comes into contact with our shirts, shorts, legs, arms, etc. I don't know about you, but socks are the first thing that come off and go into the hamper when I get home from the gym...


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if two people lift bare foot they can spread all sorts of foot dirt with each other.. just something you dont want spreading across the gym.

yes there is sweat and we touch the same stuff but hopefully people are sanitizing stuff or at least wash up before and after..