How bad is beer?


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I see commercials on TV with guys and girls drinking beer and they look like they're having a great time and they're all fit in muscular. I don't understand if that's the way it is why is beer considered so bad for us?


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That is marketing. the idea behind a beer belly is 100% true. all beer is is processed grains and cheap water that is fermented a little bit

It has zero nutritional value.

Also please find me a single example of an animal in the wild that drinks anything aside its mothers breast milk as an infant and then water for the rest of its life.

Then explain to me why humans want to drink things like beer. SMH


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if your drinking 14 standard drinks in a week, you might want to be carful and change, you will start having health problems eventually sometime in your life if you don't lessen your consumption, so drinking everyday isn't really a very good habit to start up unless you have like 1 a day which most people don't do


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Would you buy from ugly fat guy? That is why companies that produce cheap, unhealthy products use great looking people, who themselves most likely don't drink, smoke etc, for them it is a modeling job