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Vital (or non vital) stats
Late 30s
5'9 (is there a way to get taller?)
current weight 262 highest recorded weight 383 in may of 2006
measurements 49-40-49

Heart stuff
(I have no freakin' clue what this means but it's yet one more number)
resting heart rate: 60
heart rate after 15 minutes on treadmill (105 - with the kinks playing loudly in my ear)
heart rate after 30 minutes on tread mill - 126 with black sabbath blasting

Other stuff
I have a bit of a fragile left knee (arthroscopic surgery twice, and if i have to have it done again i'm looking at knee replacement surgery - from too many years spent skiing around people who were on slopes they didn't belong on

My left shoulder is also questionable - if i could get the doctors to agree with what's wrong with it - i might have it taken care of - but the problem is anything from rotater cuff issues (from pitching in high school/college and in a softball league in my 20s) to nerve damage from too many years of running thru airports with two laptops and a briefcase thrown over my left shoulder

lower back pain from lousy posture

My butt is usually parked in front of a computer for 10+ hours a day.

I joined a gym but the staff is less than helpful when it comes to equipment demonstration - i have an appointment with a personal trainer tomorrow morning, to basically educate me but i don't have a lot of faith in that based on the initial phone call - when she couldn't quite grasp the concept of my name.

it's not motivation i need - nor do i need to be pushed -i can do that myself - it's really education and making sure i'm doing what i need to do - -correctly...

I was fairly athletic in high school and college, I was a swimmer (800m butterfly and 400m were my two best events) and also was a pitcher for softball and played field hockey - in all those years - i never managed to be able to to a push up or a pull up - and crunches i've never quite mastered either.

So... what am i doing wrong and what do i need to do to fix it.... (my sucky attitude will require some work)


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Menus last two days
1 serving Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal, Cinnamon
1 grande starbucks coffee w/ sugar free cinnamon syrup and 2 tbs half and half

big honking salad w/ fresh spinach, grape tomatoes, grapes, broccoli, radishes, 1/2 hard boiled egg, 1 ounce muesnter cheese, beets, and a few other random vegetables
w/ balsamic vinegar and 1 tbs lite ranch dressng

3 oz goat cheese on 6 Wasa rye crackers and 1large sliced tomato

1 serving kashi crunchy granola bar
1 organic rice cake
1 serving dannon light and fit yogurt

45 minutes, treadmill 3.6 mph 5 incline

Calories (1250 - 1600) 1,596
Fat (28 - 62) 54
Carbohydrates (141 - 260) 237
Protein (31 - 140) 79
Potassium (4500 - 6000) 2,964
Calcium (120 - 200) 79
Sodium (0 - 2300) 2,223
Fiber (25 - 35) 44

1 serving quaker weight control oatmeal, cinnamon
1 grande starbucks coffee w/ sugar free cinnamon syrup and 2 tbs half and half

2 tuna sushi rolls
1 serving seaweed salad

5 ounces broiled wild salmon w/ lemon and dill
2 cups broccoli, roasted w/ 1 tsp olive oil, 2 cloves garlic, 1 tbs fresh grated parmesan cheese

1 serving kashi granola bars, toasted almond
1 dannon ight and fit yogurt

40 minutes treadmill, 3.5 mph, 3 incline

The Numbers
Calories (1250 - 1600) 1,605
Fat (28 - 62) 54
Carbohydrates (141 - 260) 184
Protein (31 - 140) 130
Potassium (4500 - 6000) 2,905
Calcium (120 - 200) 87
Sodium (0 - 2300) 1,967
Fiber (25 - 35) 29

Dinners are generally fish at least 3 times a week, chicken 2x a week and take out sushi onces and something non meat based the last day..


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Well your caloric intake is a TAD low, I would up it a little more especially if engaging in exercise.

You food selections are okay, not bad, not amazing either but certainly better then most I see.

What exactly is your question? What are you trying to achieve? And what is your plan for exercises in the sense of resistance training and cardio?