Do you follow a Food Plan?


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So, what do you follow, if at all in the way of eating?

I hate the word DIET, who likes to diet? Noone. NADA, not me, lol.

Paleo is Meat, Fruit, Veggies, I do add potatoes and rice sometimes too, I am human and I get bored.. I will not give up my cheese, ever, period.

SO what do you eat??? Atkins? Nutrisystem, Medifast? I have friends who have lost a lot on Medifast, but I am rebel and cannot stand for someone to tell me what to eat. But that is just me...

Anyways, thoughts, ideas?


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My breakfast is usually 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon. Fruit to follow. String cheese for a snack, lunch I usually eat meat and a salad. A protein bar mid afternoon or celery and peanut butter. Dinner is meat, veggies , I'd do add rice and potatoes once I awhile. I am human and we all get bored.

One day a week we cheat. Cheating really helps too. Sunday through Friday we are reallly good. I have lost 10lbs. I do believe in eating clean for the most part. You won't want junk food very much as it makes you feel ill after you've been eating clean.

We love our cocktails on the weekends but now feel, like we keep losing and gaining it back every week. So now my partner and I are back on no cocktails at all. That I miss the most, lol. But I am soooo committed to losing more weight. ASAP. No more sabotage. It's no fun anymore anyways drinking.
I am determined to lose this weight for good. I have some Paleo recipes on my site at Also there are great books out there to on Paleo.


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I have started back at weightwatchers so I'm doing simple start. very similar to how you eat. first weigh in is tmw, well see how much I lost.