Beginner runner tips?


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Hey all,

This is my first time running as an exercise regimen. To cut straight to the chase, I gained a lot of weight in the past year and made a lifestyle change to get back on track in my health during the first week of August. As of today I'm officially 195 and man do I love running as much as I can now.

I do have a background of doing MMA, soccer, and tennis my whole life so I do cardio in general. I know the basics such as mid foot strike, tip toe strike for speed, don't heel strike and be careful with injuries (to not push it) and I've been very strict on following those basics.

What kind of, perhaps advanced, tips can some of you guys give me? What else can I do to increase my performance?

I am flat footed and cramp up in the back, lower part of my leg every now and then so I am considering getting Asics for comfort reasons. I eventually want to build up to run a 5k, 10k etc..but how fast should I be expecting progress, and what kind of mileage per week should I be doing for someone with my description (I'm still very much overweight)?

Where I live its 90 degrees year round till about 8pm and run during this weather specifically so if I ever run at night, hopefully it'll be a breeze. With that out of the way, send any of your guys tips!


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Hi @vulturepura , I just completed the 5km training but with speed am still way behind you. I’m an old guy (my defense) so if you are going for endurance then I reckon slow down and concentrate on doing and completing the program.

It really does work. 3 times a week, every 2nd day. Congratulations on the weight loss so far, keep it up.

I’m starting the 10km app today so hopefully I stay the course.

All the best on your journey!